ILL Request Form

If we do not own an item that you are interested in we may be able to borrow it from another library or your HomeCard can be used to pick an item up at another library that has the item. Please make note of the following before making a request:

  • Only DAML cardholders in good standing may request a loan.
  • The publication date of any item requested must be over six months old.
  • New items can be requested online through your account. See "Library Services" under "What We Offer".
  • ILL requests are limited to three at one time.
  • Requests may take 2-3 weeks to fulfill, although we strive to turn them around as quickly as possible.
  • Do not use this form to place a hold on an item that the library owns. The catalog can be searched by using "Search the catalog" under "Things To Do". Instructions for placing a hold can be found under "Library Services".
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Author: * If this is an item with no author, such as a DVD please put none.
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Is there a date that you need this item by? * Please note that requests can take 2-3 weeks.
If yes please select date.
Search out of state? * If we can not find the item in Vermont we can look out of state (books only). This will take additional time. Any cost passed on from the lending library must be paid by the patron. Selecting yes means that you agree to pay any costs. We will contact you before ordering an item if there is a cost.
Yes - Please search out of state. I realize that there may be a charge.
No - Do not search out of state.
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