January 15th, 2019


The Books We Read:
Where's My Mom? by Julia Donaldson
Tiptoe Tapirs by Hanmin Kim

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown

Songs & Activities:
We Clap and Say Hello
We clap and say "hello!"
We clap and say "hello!"
With our friends at storytime,
We clap and say "hello!"

We [fill in action--stomp, spin, jump, hop] and say "hello!"
Credit: Jbrary

Five Little Monkeys
Five little monkeys, swinging from a tree, teasing Mr. Crocodile:
"You can't catch me!"
Well, along comes Mr. Crocodile as quiet as can be and he...
SNAPS that monkey right out of the tree!

[Four little, three little, etc.]

Credit: Childhood

Craft—Tiger and Lion Masks
Everyone had fun creating an animal mask--lion, tiger, or something in between!