January 22nd, 2019


The Books We Read:
A Hat for Minerva Louise by Janet Stoeke
The Fox and the Hen by Eric Battut
Stuck in the Mud by Jane Clarke

Songs & Activities:
We Clap and Say Hello
We clap and say "hello!"
We clap and say "hello!"
With our friends at storytime,
We clap and say "hello!"

We [fill in action--stomp, spin, jump, hop] and say "hello!"

Credit: Jbrary

One Bright Scarf
One bright scarf waiting for the wind to blow.
Wiggle it high (reach to ceiling) and wiggle it low (down by your toes).
Shake it fast and shake it slow.
Where did it go? (Hide scarf in hands, behind back, etc.)
One, two, three ... release scarves into the air!

Popcorn Kernels (w/ scarves)
Popcorn kernels, popcorn kernels, in the pot, in the pot.(Crunch scarf into a ball)
Shake them, shake them, shake them,
Shake them, shake them, shake them
'Til they POP, 'til they POP! (Release scarf into the air!)

Credit: Jbrary

Five Pigs So Squeaky Clean
Five pigs so squeaky clean, cleanest you've ever seen
Wanted to go outside and play.
One jumped into the mud and landed with a great big THUD,
Then there were four clean squeaky pigs. OINK! OINK!

[Count down until all the pigs are dirty.]

Credit: Storytime Katie

Craft—3D Chickens
Kids used assorted materials (crayons, dot markers, feathers, and glitter) to decorate their chickens.