March 22nd, 2016



The Books We Read:
Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson
Stuck in the Mud by Jane Clarke
My Garden by Kevin Henkes

Songs & Activities:
Welcome Song
Hello Everybody, Hello Everybody, Hello Everybody!
We're glad that you are here.
Hello Springtime...
Hello Flowers...
Hello Birds...

Hello Mud...
Credit: Modified from childhood

Way Up in the Sky
Way up in the sky, the big birdies fly;
While down in the nest, the little birdies rest.
With a wing on the left and a wing on the right,
The little birdies sleep, most all of the night.
Sssshhhhh, don't wake up the birdies...

The bright sun comes up, the moon goes away,
"Good morning! Good morning!" the little birdies say.

Craft—Flower Collage:

 We used watercolors, dot markers, insect stickers, and butterfly cut-outs to make a colorful spring picture.