March 3rd, 2015

What We Read:

Duck in the Truck  by Jez Alborough
Harry the Dirty Dog by Gene Zion
Olivia  by Ian Falconer

Songs & Activities:
Five Pigs So Squeaky Clean
Five pigs so squeaky clean.
Cleanest you’ve ever seen.
Wanted to go outside and play.
Oink! Oink!
One jumped into the mud.
Landed with a big THUD.
Then there were four clean squeaky pigs...
Credit: Storytime Katie

Sticky, Sticky Bubblegum
Sticky, sticky, sticky bubblegum, bubblegum, bubblegum.
Sticky, sticky, sticky bubblegum, sticking your hands to your head.
Ready, unstick!
Sticking your hands to your knees.
Sticking your hand to your elbows.
Sticking your back to someone else’s hand.
Credit: Jbrary