February 20th, 2018


The Books We Read:
Bear & Hare Snow! by Emily Gravett
Beach Feet by Kiyomi Konagaya
All You Need for a Snowman by Alice Schertle

Songs & Activities:
We Clap and Say Hello
We clap and say hello! We clap and say hello!
With our friends at storytime, we clap and say hello!

We [wiggle, jump, hop, stomp, dance, spin, whisper] and say hello...
Credit: Jbrary

Snowflake Dance
Snowflakes, snowflakes all around. In the air and on the ground.
Some are big and some are small. Roll them into a snowball.
When the sun comes out to play, all the snowflakes melt away!

Credit: Intellidance

My Chubby Little Snowman
My chubby little snowman, had a button nose.
When along came a bunny, and what do you suppose?
That chubby little bunny was searching for some lunch;
And he ate my snowman's nose: nibble, nibble, crunch!
Credit: Various

Craft—Hot & Cold Collage:
We took a yummy approach to the theme and made ice cream cone and hot cocoa collages: